Thursday, November 1, 2007

Prayer Requests

Jason is off to Africa this morning! He will arrive in Uganda tomorrow night. There are SO many things to pray for that I won't list them here. PLEASE click on the link at the top right of my blog to get the very latest breaking news. I will post about Jason's requests and experiences, but for all the team details see the link.
PRAY for the well drilling machine to arrive today! It was held up in London for 2 weeks. We need it!
Christians in Gulu are fasting and praying for 6000 decisions for Christ at the festivals! Be a part of the harvest and unite with them in prayer!
Jason told me that at the week long pastor's training (220 pastors are coming) they will be giving each of them an NIV Study Bible! If you want to donate to this cause or the cost of the festivals go to


All in the Family said...

Jason and your whole family are in our prayers. Kendy has been spending time in daily prayer for specific "Missionary Workers" who have been called to do "GOD's work". She is marking this down on her calendar board.....Her awana class has inspired her and now she is certain she has been called to be a "Prayer Warrior". Bedtime is getting later and later but she told me last night that some prayers she says during the day as she sees a need; just in case, she might miss it before bed.

Tricia Swift said...

I have had Jay and the fam on my mind and in my prayers all day! I love you guys and call if you need my help!