Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pottery Class

I started my first pottery class today! It was great! My friend Debi is hosting it in her large pottery room in her garage. She's hired an instructor for 8 Saturday mornings from 12:15-2pm. Guess what?! I am the ONLY student. Now, I like getting all the attention and instruction, but it would be fun to have some friends there too! So, if you're interested, comment on this post and I'll get you more details. There's a break in December and it finishes up in January. If you start next Saturday it will only cost you $70 (that's $5 hour!) and you get to make bowls, mugs, vases or whatever you want on the pottery wheel (plus glaze them)! Don't pass up the great opportunity. Oh, there's also a kids class for the 2 hours before the adult class with 3 other girls. FYI!

(Did I tell you I threw my first bowl?! Well, it's more like I spun my first bowl, but I'm using my new "pottery language".) It's so thrilling to actually accomplish something in a few hours, since most everything I do is never-ending!

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