Saturday, November 3, 2007

First Call with Jason

I got to talk to my husband today!! He is SO pumped up!! PRAISE God EVERY ONE'S luggage made it!! PRAISE God, he had a great night's sleep!! PRAISE God the food is even fabulous!! PRAISE God, they made it to Gulu despite one of the vans breaking down. Actually it's a PRAISE that the van broke down because they all got to play soccer with the village children and give the mayor a REAL soccer ball.
The whole village went crazy over that! Paul Diaz took the opportunity of drawing a 200+ crowd and stood up on a stump to share the good news of Jesus with them. Jason said the village sky turned dark while Paul was sharing. There was a strong sense of evil and darkness as the news about the kingdom of light was going forth. He couldn't believe he had a front row seat to see God move in this way. Over 50 people accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord and the team prayed with them!!! Then, the van was fixed and it was time to get back on the road. WOW!
When I talked with him it was 1 AM and he was totally excited. He said "Africa is AMAZING! It is just raw humanity. The people have absolutely nothing. They are so friendly and smile at us. Most everyone speaks English which is a blessing. The food is better than in Europe. I feel like I've been here 3 days and it's only my first day. It was just the longest day of my life!"
At 8pm our time the team will split up and visit different churches. They will experience their first African worship! Tonight while you sleep they will be hosting a soccer match with men in the village and at half time Reid will share the gospel. Pray for the battle that will be raging!
Thank you for your prayers and care. Be a part of what God is doing on your knees!

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Anna Marie said...

What an encouraging report. I will be praying for your husband and the other team members. On a side note, Reid and Paul went to Western Baptist when Aaron and I were there. Paul and Aaron played together on the soccer team there. I thought I saw them in the group picture in your previous post but I couldn't enlarge it to see more clearly. I remember Reid shaking students hands all the time and saying, "How is your walk with Jesus?" I have to admit it took me off guard one day but I was so encouraged by his boldness and love for Jesus. Anyway, just thought I would share. lv anna