Monday, November 5, 2007


We've got pictures!!

An old man prays to receive Jesus as Savior.

Our friend Jason Ward doing his best.
The crowd at Unama during the first festival.
Don't know why J's not in the picture, maybe he took it?

It is so crazy that I get to talk Jason while he's in Uganda in the middle of nowhere! Monday was another AMAZING day. They got a bit of a breather in the morning while plans where being established for the rest of the week. Everything there happens last minute, even if you try to plan it. They get permission to go into a school and they'll ask the group who wants to go.. right now?! He talked mainly about the festival he attended last night. It rained, it poured and it didn't matter. He estimated 10,000 people came from their huts to watch the crucifixion of Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ" in their language. Over 1000 accepted Jesus as Savior (and there was another festival going on in another camp that he hasn't even heard about yet). The choir from Gulu sang again and all 10,000 people were dancing and singing and worshipping God so hard that you could see the steam rising from the crowd as they were being drenched in rain! "I've never seen anything like it! It's impossible to describe. I saw people possessed by demons who would scream every time the name of Jesus was said. I saw a family bring a lame woman up to the front on a mat. A woman with 3 beautiful mute children came up to me and asked me to pray for their healing. They really believe that if we pray for them God will heal them. They have so much faith! They make our worship services look dead! It's unbelievable!!" I wish you could hear the enthusiasm in his voice. Today, Tuesday, he is heading out to go into the prisons with supplies (clothes, soap etc) then to another festival and then at midnight to start well drilling. The drilling just got started today due to missing parts etc. They are training a group of widows how to operate it so that when the team leaves they can carry on the ministry. He will have a very long day. But it sounds like he is well rested and with your prayers he should be able to work all night. Keep up the prayer support, GOD is being praised and glorified even in the midst of the hellish circumstances these refugees have endured. Glory to God in the highest!!

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Ellie said...

Those pictures are amazing! What an awesome experience!