Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Amazing Day!

Talked to Jason while I was at church this morning. Again he said it was the longest day of his life, but the most amazing day yet! His day started by heading with 2 other team members into the bush to a village church. He said it was basically poles holding up a thatch roof to keep them dry. There were 75 adults and 200 children present. The 3 of them sat up by the pastor facing the congregation. The people danced and sang for hours! He said he has never seen anything like it! The pastor was the craziest dancer he'd ever seen! I was just laughing the whole time he was telling this story. I asked him what they did while everyone was dancing like that. He said they tried to "get down" a little with them, but there's just no way to duplicate how they move! So everyone had to look at these 3 white guys looking very tight and white! (what a crack-up!) 6 people put their faith in Jesus! They had to rush the pastor into preaching and getting on with the service so they could make it to the soccer game which was next on the agenda. When they arrived the Americans didn't have 11 players guessed it, my husband who hates soccer played! The other team had matching uniforms and were all 6 feet tall and totally fit. He said the American team was so bad it wasn't even funny. Actually, to the Ugandans it was funny. They loved to watch the fat mazunga's (whites) running and falling in the pot holes on the field. At half time Reid shared and 200 people made decisions to follow Jesus! Right after the game they started the festival and at least 4000 people showed up. Christians from the main city of Gulu came to sing in a gospel choir that he said was out of this world! Bus loads of pastors showed up (the pastor's conference starts tomorrow) so they were there to counsel and pray with people in their own language. 600 people accepted Jesus!! By the end of the day taking all the different church services everyone attended into account 875 decisions for Christ were made! Jason is totally wiped out. He is having the time of his life. He feels like he's living in a National Geographic special. The children are so needy for affection and attention it is heart-breaking.
Tomorrow and Tuesday he will be on the night-shift for well drilling so I won't get to talk to him until Wednesday night. There will be 2 festivals each night for the rest of the week. When you wake up in the morning they will be in progress so pray for them before you start your day. Everyone is very tired from all the activities and excitement and it's only the first day! PRAISE GOD for WHAT He's DOING and that we get to PARTICIPATE in this adventure!!


Melanie B. said...

I'll be praying for Jason and the rest of his team during the time they are in Africa seeing God at work in such an awesome way. Reminds me of being in Zaire as a child. I can actually see in my mind, so much of what you share. African church is an experience that you never forget once you've experienced it.

Anna Marie said...

I will be praying! Anna