Friday, April 4, 2008


This is the first picture we've tried to take with all the children in it. As you can see it's difficult to get a good smile out of everyone all at the same time!

Tomorrow is Benjamin's 2nd birthday! He is SO adorable as you can see!! Jason and I agree that we love this age more than any other. His speech is so cute. "Pigadit" for piglet and he loves the book about "Fweeda Fuzzypaws". His new favorite thing is a stuffed duck Rory gave him and he still needs to sleep with his "bwanky".

Mary Beth at 6 weeks. She's sleeping 4 hours, eats 15 min and then sleeps 4 hours at night. I couldn't be happier! She's just starting to smile at us.

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Joy @ Joy in the Journey said...

I can totally relate about trying to get a group picture of 5 kids. It is so hard!
Happy birthday to Benjamin! Mary Beth is just so beautiful.