Friday, April 4, 2008

Book Worms

The girls have been reading short biographies every morning and writing a page summary about their life. (The ValueTale Series by Spencer Johnson.) It has been a great way to learn about important people in history as well as how to summarize, spell and use correct grammar. When they don't have a biography to read they write about their life or make up a story. I've been reading a few interesting books to them outloud. One is called "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" by Maybury. It explains inflation and recession in a way children (and adults) can understand. I am learning so much from it! I'm also reading them "Shakespeare Stories" by Garfield.
In the afternoons they do crafts (usually clay) and listen to a book on tape. Yesterday they listened to "Rascal" by Stearling North about a boy and his pet raccoon. They loved it! Today they'll start "The Shakespeare Stealer". With the nice weather they brought the CD player outside and played on the grass and listened in the sun. Homeschooling is pretty wonderful I must say.

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Kristi Kronz said...

The YWAM biographies are also wonderful once your girls get to a level of reading in-depth chapter books. They've been a staple of our homeschool for years!
Also, Kristi -- what is your bread machine recipe for bread which you've had so much success with??
The other Kristi