Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Making a Difference

Does your family have some tax return money coming this spring? I hope so! "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be". Well I've got two very good causes to share with you about. One is a local need called "My Father's House". This homeless shelter started 7 years ago when Cathe bought a 4 bedroom home and opened it up for families in the Gresham area who were down and out. She interviews them and gives them a room with counseling, job training and anything else they need to get back on their feet. All of the families have children and would be living on the street if not for this home. They turn away 100 families a MONTH!! So they have been in the process of building a 30 room home over the last 3 years on a cash basis and it's almost done and paid for! They have a $100,000 matching gift and if this money comes in they will have it paid off!! Has your family wanted to help the poor around here but hasn't known where to begin or a safe place to help them? I would highly recommend getting to know this ministry by giving and or volunteering. When the shelter is completed (hopefully in May) there will be LOTS of volunteer opportunities of every kind. Here is their website: This is the new shelter!

The other great opportunity to give to is an orphanage in Mazatlan Mexico. A family from our old church started an orphanage for special needs children. Currently they have 23 children from infant to 19 years old living with them. They have incredible financial need to take care of all these very needy children. Check out their website: We just received their newsletter and they need funds to buy a minivan to transport the children. Can you help them? Here's a picture of Janet holding one of the children. They are amazing!

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Borbe Bunch said...

Thanks for the links to some amazing things God is doing...I want to take time to read about your friend's that take care of special needs children, these little ones are always close to my heart, because of our gift from God, who needs loving in a special kind of way... :)
God bless,