Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half way to 1

Our sweetie "pie-pie" "Mary Befff" (as the boys call her) is 6 months old today! Can you believe it?! Last night she started scooting herself across the floor...crawling is eminent, YIKES! She sticks her tongue out of the side of her mouth and kind of chews on it and says "Na-na-na-nya". This week I stopped sleeping her in the Moses basket because she tips it over and slides out of it to start scooting to something she can chew on. Speaking of chewing, I'm starting to give her mashed up bananas because she is PINING to eat like the rest of us, especially at meal time. So, Mary Beth is growing up, BOO-HOO!

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Libby said...

oh my your offspring is gorgeous!