Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gotta Love Fenelon

I have a few precious devotional books by Francois Fenelon that I love. He was a spiritual mentor to believers during the reign of Louis the 14th. Here's a sampling of his wisdom for you....


People cannot become perfect by dint of hearing or reading about perfection. The chief thing is not to listen to yourself, but silently to listen to God; to renounce all vanity, and apply yourself to real virtues; to talk little, and to do much, without caring to be seen. God will teach you much more than all the most experienced persons and all the most spiritual books. Do you need to be so learned in order to know how to love God and deny yourself for His love? You know much more of good than you practice. You have much less need of gaining fresh knowledge than of putting in practice that which you have already acquired.

From Dialogues of Fenelon Vol 1, Lamplighter Publishing

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Kim and Kris said...

amen to that last sentence...if only we could live out what we already know. People would definitely see HIM then and not me. Good thing he loves us anyway and the work of the cross takes care of all our shortcomings.