Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missions Connexion Northwest Is Coming Up!

Missions Connexion will be held at Sunset Presbyterian Church on January 16&17. Josh McDowell will start off the speaking schedule on Saturday at 9am. There are 165 different sessions to choose from as well as missions agencies from around the world. This year they have a track of speakers specifically talking about reaching out in the Portland area. Check it out at!

Oh and it's free!


Ann Dunagan said...

How was it? I wasn't able to go.

Ann Dunagan said...

Kristi, I received your email. (I don't know why the blog post got erased. I did edit the post several times today, and maybe you happened to write a comment while I was changing my writing.)

It's wonderful to hear the awesome report from the Missions Connexion Northwest Conference. Thanks for sharing the details, and for responding to God's call on your life and on your family.

Jon and Josh just finished the city-wide outreach in Maputu, Mozambique. They were in a slum area and they had some challenges (on the second night of the outreach, the generator either "blew-up" or "blew-out") but even at that moment, people didn't want to leave. They still wanted to worship and pray, and many came to the Lord. The estimated attendance each night was about 4,000-4,500 people, and hundreds of people surrendered their lives to the Lord! Our son, Josh, was able to preach to the young men and play guitar. And they're having an awesome time.

Next up: Swaziland!!