Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Long Road Home

We made it! It's the layovers that kill ya! We survived another round in Nairobi and Amsterdam and now we're home holding our babies! Mary Beth was so good for Grandma, but when she saw me she just cried and didn't want to come to me. Everytime she looked at me she would start to cry. It's like the whole separation finally hit her when she saw me again. She's over it now and is smiling much more. The girls made me the cutest banner full of African animals welcoming us home. Need I say it is very wierd to be in Sandy sitting by the fire when yesterday we were sweating in Lusaka eating eggs on the veranda with the Allens? Crazy!! If I didn't have the souvenirs to prove it, I'd think it was all a dream.
Please, please pray for us as our experiences settle. We need to find some time to digest everything, pray and find joy in obeying God's will. We are so thankful for all of you who have gone with us on this journey.

PS I will be posting more pictures into my previous posts now that I'm home with faster internet (our dial up is faster here).

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Ann Dunagan said...

This post reminds me of the first time I went to Africa, and I had left four little kids for a few weeks including Christi (who had just been weaned and was one-year-old). She didn't come to me right away when I came home, but clung to my sister-in-law . . . until a little bit later when the brothers all came and hugged me. But you know, Kristi, I just got back from spending four days with my daughter (who now is a junior in college) and we had THE most fabulous time. We're so close, and it's so wonderful to know that my daughter absolutely loves God (and me!!!) so much. God's grace is there with you.