Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Strength

(This photo is of Irene holding one of the orphans and Johanna Allen, it's the only photo we were allowed to take. Pray for this woman who has cared for 375 babies over 9 years.)

Thank you all for praying for me. When I woke up at a decent hour and got some good prayer time I felt MUCH better and my anxiety vanished like it had never happened. I can totally tell when people are praying. If you can believe this, after breakfast we decided to go and visit "The House of Moses", an orphanage for babies under 2 years old. I loved it. It is an exceptionally well run orphanage by the head Momma named Irene. We went upstairs and took turns with the Allen family rocking the 12 babies. Then we went downstairs and fed shima and beans to the 9months - 2 year olds. They just sat in a row on the floor and ate their food. There were 12 boys and 3 girls downstairs with 2 workers for each age group. It's like having 12 children all the same age who all want to be fed at the same time. Pray for the staff at the House of Moses that the Lord would sustain them, they testify that He is truly their dail strength. It was so good to see true religion being practiced and it is not glamorous, just feeding and bathing and rocking, just like we do with our own children.

After the orphanage we had lunch at the Allens and then a lovely nap. In the late afternoon we visited the cornerstone of the ministry here, Action Bible Institute (ABI). Steve and Tracy (another team member who is a retired pastor) teach about 15 pastors from different denominations from different compounds (shanty towns) around Lusaka. They come to Action's headquarters three times a week for 3 hours for instruction in preaching and teaching God's Word and leading their churches. It was good to meet and shake their hands and see Steve in action.

For dinner we ate with the Melville family from the UK, they will be leaving Zambia in June because their green cards run out after 2 years. We enjoyed hearing about their experiences. After calling home and talking to the children (without tears) we are really ready to go to bed!

I cannot tell you how precious it is to know we are being prayed for and it is amazing to walk in the power of your prayers. We are trying to not make any decisions or judgements about our experiences so far because it is such a roller coaster ride of thoughts and emotions. Good night!

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Nash said...

Hey Guys-

I love hearing the stories, it reminds me of Mexico! We are praying for you today (its our missions prayer day as a family).

Anyhow, enjoy the time being with the Lord in a new place.

Say hi to Steve and stephanie for us!

Nash Kora and Bellie