Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music to My Ears

Last month I read the Duggar's book "20 and Counting". I was really encouraged by their life story and the way they run their home with 18 children! One of the best tips I got from them was training your children to say:

"YES Ma'am, I'd be happy to!"

Well, we've been doing this for a month and it has stuck! Especially with Benjamin.
At first I rewarded them with a chocolate chip for responding like I wanted them to. After a week of that I stopped the reward and just expected it. It is music to a mother's ear when you say "Could you go clean the bathroom?" or "get the baby a bottle" and they say "Yes Ma'am, I'd be happy to!"

Just thought I'd pass on the blessing!


hayster* said...

that is so neat!
They actually have a reality show on tv that I enjoy watching...its so neat to watch their family interact together in a way that honors the Lord! (on television)

Jenne said...

Love it! Gonna do this!