Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Theatre Anyone?

I just bought tickets to take my girls on a special outing to the theatre! Last year a family from the Gresham Household of Faith wrote, directed and produced a musical production on the life of Esther. This year they have created one based on the life of Ruth with a bit more humor and drama added in. We've heard it will be even better than last year's show. We know lots of the people who will be acting, dancing, singing, or playing in the orchestra. It's truly remarkable what one family can do! One of the ideas stressed at our church is to engage our culture by honoring God in every sphere of influence. TrueHeart Productions is engaging the arts community of Portland by hiring professional actors to work amongst the novices who auditioned from the our church and the community. The behind-the-scenes work and the production itself is a mission opportunity. If you can, support this grassroots effort to produce a God-honoring, artistic, high quality, family-friendly musical. (We're going to the only Saturday matinee at 2pm, March 28th.)For more info www.trueheartproductions.org

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