Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Jaime Lyn!

This morning we had a wonderful family celebration with our traditional strawberry waffles, fresh pineapple, a dozen roses for a dozen years and lots of presents including a serger sewing machine. In honor of Jaime Lyn turning 12 my parents bought her a real ruby & diamond ring. I made her a card that read "A girl of noble character who can find?...we know one! Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, responsible & dependable daughter. You are worth far more than rubies to us. May you grow in wisdom, stature & favor with God and man. Love, Mommy & Daddy".

Horseback riding with Tabitha to finish the day.


Shiloh said...

Happy Birthday Jamie Lyn!!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy 12th Birthday Jaime Lyn!

I have truly enjoyed getting to know you over these past three years or so! You've been a great friend! I have made so many fun memories with you! Let's keep it up!

Have a wonderful day!


Kristy said...

She truly is a precious young lady!!
Happy (late) Birthday Jamie Lyn !