Monday, February 22, 2010

Chicken Pox Anyone?

Two days into our vacation Hogen woke up with blistery spots all over his body..yikes! (We immunized our older girls for Chicken Pox, but not our three youngest after hearing the negatives associated with immunizations.) Hogen was a real trooper and fortunately had a very mild fever that didn't slow him down. We had an outdoor spa so he didn't have to miss out on swimming. We kept him home the rest of the trip and now we're under quarantine. But if you'd like your children to build up their immune system for life against chicken pox and shingles, by all means, STOP BY!

(2 weeks later....all the other children have it. I'm glad. The older girls got a very mild case because they had been vaccinated before. Ben & Mary Beth are COVERED and very miserable with itching!) I marvel at how our bodies do such an amazing job of fighting disease. Jason & I can take care of all these little people with no fear of getting sick, our bodies remember how to fight it off 25 years later...AMAZING! Compared to the vaccination (which can give you possible side effects) that has worn off in less than 10 years, the natural immune system God has given us beats all man's inventions!

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Angie Tolpin said...

Oh friend I am sorry he has the chicken pox... kind of... he still looks pretty happy though! It is better in the long run for him to have it now though! I am tempted to come expose my children but since I am still on semi bedrest I don't think it to be wise.

My prayers are with you as you minister to your family.