Monday, February 22, 2010

Mary Beth Turns 2

Our little bear cub is officially two and I have a photo of a temper tantrum she threw on her birthday to prove it! We were blessed with a free 4 night stay at Eagle Crest Resort over her birthday weekend. We had beautiful weather and lots of fun swimming, bike riding, eating out and watching some Olympics. On Mary's birthday we went out for our traditional strawberry waffle breakfast (which we usually serve at home). It was a great getaway for all of us.

The temper tantrum. Birthday sisters. Jaime Lyn turns 12 on Feb. 28th!

Some things I don't want to forget about Mary Beth at this age. Her prayers are hilarious! She gives this long streak of jibber-jabber with a few intelligent sounds thrown in and ends with a "men" at the end. It's the closest thing to speaking in tongues I've heard!

She loves board books but calls them all "Sheep Shop" because that's her favorite one.
She calls Hogen "O-GIN" and it's usually said with a furrowed brow. She calls both her sisters by "Lella" and they both oblige her anyway.
Every time we change her diaper or her clothes she says "take a baff!" Baths are her favorite, although she only squats in the tub and doesn't dare move an inch from where you put her down. She was terrified of the swimming pool and only wanted to sit on the first step of the kiddie pool!
Daddy is still her favorite person in the world. She lights up when he comes home. So cute.
She calls everything that is sweet "pizza!" and if you give her any she exclaims "NUMMY!!"

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She is positively adorable!!!