Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

My brood!

Sleeping Beauty

"milking" "Baby Bear"
Mother's Day was fantastic!
I was thoroughly spoiled by my creative children! I woke up to Jaime Lyn making everyone strawberry waffles, followed by homemade cards and 2 Daphne bushes (I love their scent!). We went to church and for lunch Brie Ella & Hogen made a "Brother & Sister Cafe" complete with menus and Hogen as my waiter (too cute!). After naps we went out to Grandpa's farm for fresh BBQ salmon Uncle Preston had just caught (yummy!) and to celebrate all the May birthdays in the family. All the children got to ride Trisha's horse. Mary Beth & Isabel had their first pony ride together. It was a great day! Thank you children!!

Mary Beth & Isabel on the horsey.

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