Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Step for Charlotte!

Charlotte is 10 weeks and growing great! Last week I decided to try nursing her and SHE DID IT! Bye-bye pumping! Now she can take a bottle or breastfeed and she's still sleeping 10 hours at night. She is just the sweetest and easiest baby I've ever had! She doesn't seem to be showing any signs of heart failure so we are good to postpone her open heart surgery until she's bigger. It will definitely be in her future, but the bigger she can be, the better. Thank you for your prayers!

We had my sister's family over yesterday and she took a family picture of us on our farm. Love it! Thanks Kim!


Dyana said...

Wonderful news!

I have been working on a little "something" for Miss Charlotte and praying for her specifically as I work... Can't wait to see her and snuggle her ooddles! :)

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon, Lord willing and if the creek don't rise, toward the end of July...I will give you a call to confirm soon!

Kristy said...

OH MY WORD - love, love, love your photo's !!!!
Blessings ~