Sunday, July 18, 2010

Henry & The Great Society

"What a testimony it would be to see believers in the midst of a godless society, yet unentangled in its net; to see them quietly pursuing the necessities of life, but aloof from the madness of desire that characterizes our time; to see them at peace with God and each other and unspotted by the world around them; to see them content with just the necessities of life and possessed of an ability to find peace and happiness in the simple things of life. Oh, to see God's people loving mankind around them and living in the genuine demonstration of that love...following a manner of life because it yields the precious fruit of contentment and joy, not because 'everybody else' lives that way...adapting their lives, not to the pressures of society, but to the pressures of the Holy Spirit within."

"Another tragedy is that (a man) would rather sacrifice his liberty and freedom than give up his indulgence."

"We labor on desperately to liberate ourselves and only succeed in enslaving ourselves by our new found liberty. Jesus said a man's life did not consist in the things he possessed, but we do not believe him; and we have never quite learned that a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone in this life."

(favorite quotes from an incredibly profound little old book called "Henry and the Great Society by Roush)

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So true! You have encouraged me.