Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Things FIrst

I just returned from listening to Nancy Campbell for my 5th Above Rubies Retreat. She said a lot of things I've heard her say before, but they sink in deeper the more times I hear them. One of these is the concept of "The Family Altar" taken from what the priests in the temple had to do every day. Each morning they would take out the ashes and put more wood on the fire to keep the fire burning. Each evening they would do this again. Likewise, we should keep our love for God burning in our hearts by reading the Word of God each morning and evening at the family altar. I made up a little sign to hang on my dining room wall to remind me of this principle. If you want to print one out for your family, click on this Google docs link and download your copy. May it be a helpful reminder to make it a priority to keep the things of first importance; GOD, first in your family life.

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