Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Focus for this Blog

Yes, it's pretty obvious I'm changing things on here. My blog is now an official website called "" but my old address will get you here. Now that I have high speed internet it's so much easier for me to post my thoughts and goings on.
  • I want to be an encouragement to women out there who stay home to obey God's plan for them. The greatest encouragement I can give is not so much tips and how to's but what God is teaching me about Himself.
  • I want to encourage you to stay faithful in all the little things that can seem so unimportant, but really they matter for eternity.
  • I want to share encouraging Scriptures to keep you focused on what really matters: Jesus Christ, glorifying Him with your life and enjoying His presence in your daily grind.
  • Life can be hard, hectic and messy!! We need one another's encouragement to keep on keepin' on, to not grow weary in doing well and to stay faithful at home. I hope to be a part of that encouragement for you. 


Angie Tolpin said...

Yea! I love your new look, but I especially love that you are blogging with Vision & Purpose! You have soooo many insights and wisdom to share my dear friend! I love you and will support you all the way!

This is a blessing to have the opportunity, utilizing technology, to minister from our little nook in the kitchen that touches lives all over the world for Christ! Without it having to embark on our time with our kids... I will be praying for you... you pray for me too okay! :)
Love you Sister,

amy in peru said...

i appreciate the new focus. i'm trying to get myself organized for my new blog focus as well.

can we be bloggy buddies? pretty please? ;)


Mrs. Stam said...

Amen!!! love this so much :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I always love what you have to say Kristi! God uses you to speak His truth to other mothers, I am glad you are sharing more on your blog. I have always been blessed by our time together.

Christin said...

Yes and amen!! This is wonderful! :) And we all need encouragement - as long as it's called today! I'm thinking that means we can never be TOO encouraged. :) Blessings!