Monday, December 5, 2011

The Case of the Missing Chipmunk

You never know what a day has in store for you....
We woke up to a favorite chick missing from the flock named "Chippy Chipmunk". After much investigating Younger Brother admitted to putting the chick in the back of Daddy's pickup truck the afternoon before and forgot about it. We were all horrified to think that either the chick froze in the night or blew out of the back of the pickup on Daddy's way to work this morning. Lots of tears. Lots of blaming. Lots of opportunities to comfort guilty Brother and angry Sister. I called Daddy to find out if there was any sign of Chipmunk in his truck. He had left that truck at one job and taken a van to another location so he wasn't there to check and he wouldn't be getting his truck until tomorrow night. I pleaded for him to do something to put finality to this saga. An hour later he calls me back. The chicken is alive and well in his truck! Jubilant jumping and laughter fill my home. The somber mood is gone and the tears are a distant memory. Daddy tells me he had to drive very slowly to work this morning because of the ice and he couldn't go fast on the freeway due to an accident. By God's providence, He kept that little chicken safe and sound and my children's hearts from breaking. God is good.
Case closed.

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