Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take a deep breath and smile

"Be joyful always."
1 Thess. 5:16

Remember how fleeting your life is. It is but a mist that vanishes and is gone. The weeks, days and years are flying by and if you don't enjoy this moment right now when will you ever enjoy anything? It's very easy to live with all our hopes in tomorrow and not enjoy today. I give you permission; enjoy today. Take a deep breath when life gets crazy (because it will) and just SMILE! Smile at your children. Smile at the messes. Smile at your husband. Smile so much that they ask you why you're always smiling! Remember that all your mistakes and failures are covered in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. God looks at you and only sees His own perfection. There really is nothing to become anxious or angry over! God has it all under control.
So smile.


Joy @gracefullmama said...

Love it Kristi! What a good reminder. I love your new vision for this blog, I am having so much fun reading it! Thank you!!

HIS daughter said...

Wow :) today I really needed that reminder :) Thank you! And yes-it did make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Love what you share. We all seem to need the reminder to smile often and without question! I came across your blog today! Thank you for sharing your heart and home. I look forward to stopping by again!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of those who needed to hear these words today! Thank you!!!