Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chores Make the World Go 'Round

I thought I'd share about how our home runs a bit more smoothly. The key is sharing the load with all the children, well not all yet. I just LOVE chores...not my chores, but everyone else's! I've had a few years of trial and error under my belt so I thought I might share what is working.
Everyone has an area they are TOTALLY responsible for.
Example: Jaime Lyn is responsible for the kitchen and Brie Ella the dining room and living room. If it's messy, it's their job. Period. On Mondays we spend the morning deep cleaning the entire house and the rest of the week they just keep their area neat. Mondays the girls do their rooms and the bathrooms in addition to their areas.
Every area has been broken down into what is required for it to pass the "Mom's standard" of clean. (VERY big difference between Mom's standard and a child's!)


1. Clear EVERYTHING off table
2. Dust chandelier (weekly) with duster
3. Spray with cleanser & wipe with rag
4. Scrub high chair with spray & sponge
5. Move chairs out & sweep under table
6. Move chairs in & sweep around table
6. Clean floor with mop
7. Dump trash into mud room garbage


1. Roll up mats & shake or wash
 2. Clear off sink
3. Pick up trash off floor
4. Clean mirror
5. Spray inside & outside of toilet
6. Clean inside toilet with brush
7. Clean outside toilet w/baby wipe
8. Scrub shower
9. Take everything off floor & sweep
10. Wash floor with mop
11. Dump trash in mud room
12. Put everything back into bathroom
13. Replenish toilet paper onto roll

We've also done it where every one's area changes daily, but then no one takes responsibility for anything. It is working better to have them be in charge of keeping one part of the house looking great.

Chores are looked at as a ministry to the family. I would NEVER pay my children for helping out the family in this way, just like they wouldn't pay me to cook for them or clean their clothes. We've had them help other people weed and do odd jobs for money. I think girls especially need to learn to do hard work without expecting something in return, because that is real life.

IN ADDITION to the family area they are responsible for their room. They also help me whenever I ask them for help. Hogen sorts the laundry with me and unloads the plastic plates and cups (he's 3). Ben is my shadow still.

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Julia said...

Hi Kristi --

I really like your thinking on the "no paychecks" for chores. Much of what I've read talks about the use of an allowance for children to teach them about money and advocates using a chore chart or "salary" for chores around the house so that the child equates earning money with work and then learns how to manage money. I admit, I haven't heard many other options -- how are you teaching your children money management skills or will you tackle that when they're older? I know you mention other odd jobs where they've been paid -- do you use these as opportunities? Any specific thoughts on the topic?

:) -- Julia